Connie, I can totally relate. You've got so much going on in your life -- all good stuff that you totally enjoy! But don't you feel sometimes like all the "invisible work" around the house and in life is just taking too much time. 
Come on, you have better things to do! Juggling your life, work, hobbies, grandbabies, traveling, husband, chores, home upkeep, all the mail, all the projects you wanna get done, all the entertaining you want to do... It's all too much. You're spending too much time managing home projects because you don't have an effective and simple way to keep track of all the moving pieces. When you try to tackle a home organizing project or maybe even just decorating around the holidays and you keep getting distracted down in your basement storage room because you can never find what you're looking down there? How about when you sit down to go over the budget and pay bills, do you have an effective system to plan the budget, track expenses, collect receipts, manage financial priorities, and every other little thing that goes into it? What about the damn mail. Does it sit in a pile on the counter until you finally deal with it? With your always on the go lifestyle, do you ever run into needing "that one paper" while you're out and about? 
I get it, right now your life is good, but you know it can be even greater if you could figure out a way to decrease the amount of "invisible work" in your life... You know, the decluttering, the organizing, dealing with the mail, managing ALL the projects around the house, ALL the millions of home maintenance related upkeep things you have to keep track of every day, week, month and season? Not to mention the fact that keeping track of your calendar is not as efficient as you'd like. You need a way to keep track of ALL the operations of your home, and while you still enjoy maintaining your home, property, and life in general, you're just tired of it taking up so much time out of your life. Come on, you've got better -- not to mention more fun! -- things to do.
Not to mention you may even have ADD/ADHD and you find it hard to keep up with the demands a home can place on you. You love your home! You love to entertain, to have friends over, to have your grandbabies over to play with you and your dog, and I know you want so badly to just leave all the boring stuff behind and do more of what you enjoy. 
I know running a home, loving on your family, and trying to have a life are hard to juggle sometimes. There IS an easier way to manage it all, and there IS a streamlined process to take you from where you are now to the life you want. 
If you can first get your home decluttered and organized, wow what an amazing feeling that would be to not dread going into your junk room, or dreading entertaining because you know it's going to be chaos trying to "get the house ready for guests". Getting the home organized is only step 1. There's a whole other world beyond being dragged down by your home, and it's only after you conquer your home, get control of your paper, manage your tasks and time instead of your tasks and time managing you, and secure and preserve your sentimental things and memorabilia that you can really have the time, the head space, the schedule, and the freedom to live the live you want. 
You're tired of dealing with "all the things" that go into homeownership and let's face it -- just existing on this earth takes a lot of work to maintain. 
You and I both know that it's not just "doing chores, cooking dinner, paying the bills, going to that fundraiser, planning that gal's reunion you've been dying to host, taking your family on a trip, or putting in that pool of your dreams. It is so much more.

What is not talked about often enough is all the "invisible work" that goes into it. Think about it... When you go to host a party at your house, people don't just appear at the right place at the right time and eat the food that just happened to appear in the kitchen and drink the wine that just magically appeared. You had to put a lot of work into it that you may not have even thought about. 
By hiring a professional organizer, we'll get your home organized so you're never scrambling to find that item you're looking for. This will make cleaning a breeze, entertaining 10x more fun, and your day to day life a thousand percent less stressful. Having systems for your stuff will clear up your head space like you wouldn't believe.
After we've got your home decluttered and organized, we'll work on ALL the paper we found hidden throughout the house. You didn't think you had that much, did you? Think about it, you have paper and mail and magazines and flyers laying all over the house, but when you're out and about, you realize you left that one paper at home and you need it when you're running errands. Or when you're out and about and you wanted to show your friend about a fundraiser flyer that came in the mail the other day but wait, it's at home. Or when you're at the doctor's office and you forgot your insurance card at home, don't you wish you had a scanned copy? Having your paper and filing cabinet available on your phone at a moment's notice from anywhere in the world is an incredible feeling. What would happen if your house flooded, ther ewas a fire, or other natural disaster? As it turns out, there's actually very few papers you need to keep actual hard copies of. We'll work to corral, organize, purge, then digitize all your papers so that you're never left out in the cold. 
When we go through all your paper and files, what will turn up is ugly, blaring evidence of ALL your unfinished projects, things that never made it onto the calendar that you forgot about and never attended, receipts you forgot to deduct on your taxes, birthday cards that never got mailed. And it's no surprise -- xyz statistic says on average it takes about 36 hours PER WEEK to manage a home, all the chores and cooking, cleaning, and administrative work related to running a family and just living a basic life in general. ADd that to your already jam packed schedule with work, family, friends, events, fundraisers, tournaments, not to mention any time you find to sit down and read a book or scroll through Facebook to catch up. No wonder so many things fell by the wayside! I'll teach you how to set up systems to corral all your projects, to do's, deadlines, put them into the right apps to keep track of everything, and make your to do list and your calendar WORK FOR YOU rather than it making you want ot pull your hair out. Having all your tasks and time managed in ONE place - rather than spread around on sticky notes, random flyers, random pieces of scratch paper, maybe if you're lucky a good notebook. Getting it into a usable format is key to decreasing the tiem you spend doing "invisible work" and increasing the amount of tiem you have for the more important things in your life.
Finally, after we've sorted out all the "actionable items" out of your paper, we'll inevitably be left with a box full of sentimental items that we now have to deal with. The card your bestie sent you on your last birthday, the old photo we found of your great great grandmother that somehow got shoved in with a random pile of mail, it's all sentimental stuff. I'll teach help you gather all your old photos, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and other sentimental items, digitize them onto the cloud so you can pull them up wherever you go, and you can finally sleep at night knowing your family's heritage and legacy will not be lost forever if something bad were to happen. Wouldn't it be life changing to be able to send a link to an online album to a family member and in it would be your entire family's heritage and even current photos from your vacation last summer? Organizing your to do's and your calendar is one thing, but having a system for all the pictures that live on your phone (god forbid anything happen to your phone and all the pictures on it!) What are you supposed to do with those anyway? They just sit on your phone waiting for something to happen and then poof, all your phone's photos lost forever. What a sinking feeling. 
My services actually have very little to do with just "getting your home organized" or "being productive" -- it is not about the fact that I have dedicated my life to helping others through the organizing process -- it is about you implementing these services as a time investment so that your home no longer feels like a second job, but a place of peace, and no longer a burden so that you can go out and do what you were uniquely created to do. I'll help you with organizing your home, your paper, your to do's and calendar, and all your memorabilia. After that, it's now your responsibility to use the time that we just taught you how to create in your own life - use that spare time for the rest of your life to give, to love, and to live the life you want without being weighed down by managing a home. Come on, you have better things to do.
I have been figuring out this "organizing thing" the hard way, and I want to help you do it in a fraction of the time, because who wants to do it the long, slow, hard way and make a lot of mistakes? That's just painful. Let's attack this together.


I'll take you through a 4-step system, in this order:
Home Organization
1. In-Home Decluttering and Organizing
Paper Organization & Paperless Trasitioning
2. Paper Organizing and Digitization
Digital Data Management
3. Task and Time Management
4. Memorabilia Organizing and Digitization
Each stage in the process piggy backs off the one before it. In your home, we'll not only organize all your spaces and make everything easy to find, but along the way we'll be collecting and setting aside all the paper we find. 
Paper takes a lot of time to go through, because you have to generally look at each piece. I'll take all your boxes of paper home with me and whip through it like a madwoman, like a robot. I can pre-sort all your papers, weeding out the sentimental cards and photos (we'll get there later), setting aside items that look to be actionable or belong on your calendar, I'll open up all the mail , sort it into categories, box it up, and we'll take a little bit of time to purge. During my initial sort, I will not get rid of that much. I'll throw out the obvious trash like empty random torn envelopes and blank crumpled pieces of paper. I keep a section for "

Morgan Dodson

Professional Organizer
Owner & Founder of MD Organizing

Hi, my name is Morgan Dodson and I'm a professional organizer and founder of MD Organizing. Organizing is in my DNA, and I have a passion for helping people just like you find freedom in life by helping to remove clutter from your most troubled areas. I am one of those crazy-productive, ultra-organized people you love to hate. And yep, I was born that way.

Growing up, my family had a 6,000+ sq. ft. home, but we never felt truly happy and free because every square inch was covered in clutter and disorganization. Piles of paper everywhere, mountains of unused toys only leaving paths to walk through rooms, and even rooms we weren't able to use due to overwhelming clutter. My parents had gone through some difficult financial situations, and so we moved to a roughly 1,700 square foot home in rural Illinois. After getting rid of approximately 75% of my stuff, my passion for organizing, downsizing, and simplifying came to life during those difficult times.  

I know how desperately you want to wave a magic wand and instantly have your home perfectly organized. However, in my experience, getting my home and life organized was a long process. Yes, even for me, a professional organizer. This process will take time, but you can do it, and I'm here to make it easier and more fun!

My home is not perfect and I don't expect your results to be either. I will not make you get rid of all your stuff, however, my methods do stem from minimalism and the spirit of only keeping the things you need.

A common misconception people sometimes have about professional organizers is that our only clients are extreme hoarders. However, that's not always the case. My ideal client is someone who is ready to clear out the excess in their life with no hesitations or regrets in order to live their best life. My specialties include organizational consulting, which doesn't necessarily include cleaning. Purging and organizing, as well as distinguishing the difference between cleaning and organizing, are the keys to achieving the results you want. 

When you've decided enough is enough, and you're ready to take the first step to creating a home that doesn't suck the life out of you, click the button below to learn more about the transformational services I offer.

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