Find freedom from your cluttered home, obnoxious paper piles, painfully procrastinated projects, and scattered memorabilia by hiring a Professional Organizer in the greater Carbondale, Marion, and Cape Girardeau areas.

A rant, by Morgan Dodson
Come on. We know your home is stressing you out. We both know your schedule is jam packed with commitments to family, work, volunteering, and if you're lucky, you *might* be able to squeeze in 5 minutes of "me" time. Life is crazy, and the last thing you want to do is spend all your spare time "organizing".
You could probably get it done, but you feel like it may literally take you an eternity to figure out a plan of attack, brainstorm solutions, get lost in the black hole that is Pinterest, finally find the motivation and a couple decent hours to start on the project, start digging in, and end up leaving your tornado of a closet all torn apart because something came up and you had to go.
Quit wasting your precious time trying to figure it all out yourself. Seriously. It's just painful to watch.
Would Joanna Gaines be caught dead spending precious moments of her jam packed day trying to "figure out" the solution to a complex, irrelevant math problem when she should probably be working on developing her product line, filming Fixer Upper, or taking care of her family?! Who am I kidding, she's amazing, and probably super good at math, too. But the point is that she is not wasting away precious moments of her life on something she's not good at that can be easily outsourced to someone else!
When your car shows the check engine light, do you pop open the hood, start digging in, and try to diagnose and fix the problem? Hell no! You call a mechanic. You don't have the right tools, you probably don't even know the first thing about auto mechanics, and frankly, ain't nobody got time for that!
When your furnace stops working in the dead of winter, who you gonna call? Yeah, the guys that are specialized, trained, and do that for a living. (Not Ghostbusters)
God only knows what would happen if you tried to tackle that junk room by yourself -- yikes!
Bootstrapping It 😭
You can do the slow, hard way and make a LOT of mistakes along the way.
Get in with the Expert 😎
Have someone make all the hard decisions for you, lay out a plan, and help you execute it to completion.
YOU are uniquely skilled and created to do the thing that only you can do best. Whatever that thing is, you should be devoting your time, energy, and resources to it, not doing things that suck the life right out of you. Nothing like a half finished project to kill your motivation!
Let me take the stress away from homeownership and allow you to focus on what matters most to you. 


I'll take you through a 4-step system, in this order:
Home Organization
1. In-Home Decluttering and Organizing
Paper Organization & Paperless Trasitioning
2. Paper Organizing and Digitization
Digital Data Management
3. Task and Time Management
4. Memorabilia Organizing and Digitization

Morgan Dodson

Professional Organizer
Owner & Founder of MD Organizing

Hi, my name is Morgan Dodson and I'm a professional organizer and founder of MD Organizing. Organizing is in my DNA, and I have a passion for helping people just like you find freedom in life by helping to remove clutter from your most troubled areas. I am one of those crazy-productive, ultra-organized people you love to hate. And no, I wasn't born that way.

Growing up, my family had a 6,000+ sq. ft. home, but we never felt truly happy and free because every square inch was covered in clutter and disorganization. Piles of paper everywhere, mountains of unused toys only leaving paths to walk through rooms, and even rooms we weren't able to use due to overwhelming clutter. Beautiful home, just way. too. much. stuff. My parents had gone through some difficult financial situations, and so we then moved to a roughly 1,700 square foot home (and no, it was not like that show Schitt's Creek). After getting rid of approximately 75% of my stuff, my passion for organizing, downsizing, simplifying and optimizing came to life during those difficult times.  

I know how desperately you want to wave a magic wand and instantly have your home perfectly organized. However, in my experience, getting my home and life organized was (AND STILL IS) a lifelong process. Yes, even for me, a professional organizer. This process WILL take time, but you CAN do it, and I'm here to make it easier and more fun!

My home is not perfect and I don't expect your results to be either. I will not make you get rid of all your stuff, or judge you for the stuff you want to keep, however, my methods do stem from minimalism, simplicity, and the spirit of only keeping the things you need, so expect a healthy level of encouragement to declutter the items we both know you don't need.

A common misconception people sometimes have about professional organizers is that our only clients are extreme hoarders. However, that's not always the case. You'll know you're ready to work with me because you are ready to clear out the excess in your life with no hesitations or regrets in order to live your best life. My specialties include home, paper, project, and photo/memorabilia digitization and organizational consulting, which doesn't necessarily include cleaning. Purging and organizing, as well as distinguishing the difference between cleaning and organizing, are important in achieving the results you want. 

When you've decided enough is enough, and you're ready to take the first step to getting the life you want, call me. 

Headquartered in Rockwood, IL (between Chester & Murphysboro)
Serving the Southern Illinois, Southern Missouri, and surrounding areas
(618) 314-3024
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