Morgan Dodson Coaching

Are you "pretty organized", but still feel scattered?

Driven, but having trouble getting the results from "being organized"?

Let me show you a different & better way to take your home + life from good to great. 

YOU are uniquely skilled and created to do the thing that only you can do best. Whatever that thing is, you should be devoting your time, energy, attention, and resources to it. 
Feeling like your home is "pretty organized" or "good enough" is what's holding you back from the greater life you know you deserve.
You just didn't know there was a way to up-level past "buying the right containers".

Who is Morgan Dodson?

Hey there. I'm a professional home organizer who helps scattered but driven women achieve invisible labor freedom by eliminating, automating, and simplifying home operations through coaching + teaching organizational efficiency strategies.

Step 1. Declutter

Step 2. Organize

Step 3. There's a step 3?!?


Steps 1 + 2... they're easy enough to figure out on your own.

You've probably bootstrapped it to this point, and done a killer job at it. Feeling pretty good, but something still seems to be missing.

There is still more hard work to do if you want to continue decreasing the amount of time, energy, attention and resources your home takes from you, and put it toward the things that are actually important to you, like your personal goals, marriage, family, relationships, and unique work in this world. In other words, I'll show you how to stop letting your house be your second job.

Step 3 is the hardest. After you've decluttered and organized everything, the next natural step is optimizing + putting systems and processes in place to simplify, eliminate, or automate a majority of the tasks and projects in your home that steal your time, energy, and attention, and you don't even realize it.

I'd love to show you how to create the home + life you love through implementing strategies that will save your time, space, and sanity. 

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